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Healthy premium dried vegetables and fruits
Healthy premium dried vegetables and fruits

In a society of increasing dietary awareness interest in new and qualitatively premium food articles is increasing constantly. Almost all staple foods are available as dried product on the market nowadays. The drying process conserves perishable products, reduces mass and provides the consumer with easier storage and convenient application.

Purpose and objective of the IFM is to establish a profitable business model with a technological innovation in the market and conserve perishable food articles gently and unaltered at the location of origin.

Therefor the IFM will contribute to several trends of orbital scope and social relevance:

  • Mutual interaction between diet and health conditions!
  • Conservation and therefor appreciation of natural resources
  • Employment and appropriate payment of indigenous populations in the region of product origin

The IFM strives for a global business model under which the daughter companies produce the final product at the respective location of raw material and manufacture the end product to globally coordinated standards given by IFM.

Global Marketing is coordinated be the IFM at the company headquarters inLiechtenstein. Local sales (countries, continents) are carried out by established local dealers, traders, brokers and retailers.